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an independent company specializing both in event activation and digital creation within the immersive realm of creative technology.


We adopt a results-driven approach to every project.

Our clients consistently reach new heights in immersive experiences, elevating their brand presence.


We specialize in creating unforgettable brand experiences by seamlessly integrating identity, products, media, and architecture. From corporate events to product launches, we craft compelling experiences that resonate with audiences and drive engagement, ensuring lasting impact.


Our immersive solutions revolutionize media and entertainment by seamlessly integrating advanced technology. From fixed installation, digital experiences to interactive storytelling, we captivate audiences, deepen connections, and redefine entertainment's possibilities.


Our team of digital experts provides XR and virtual production services that blend reality with virtual environments, enabling immersive storytelling for film, TV, and live events. Using cutting-edge technology, we empower creators to realize their visions with unmatched realism and flexibility.
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Fueling Your Growth with Creativity

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we create the best piece of work.

We're dedicated to create fresh concepts and translating them into digital that are not only groundbreaking but also cater to events, fixed installations, immersive experiences, virtual production or any projects.

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why choose us?

we don't just do projects, we build experiences.

Our team collaborates closely, side by side, to ensure that no project is developed in isolation.

Each project carries its own distinctive goals and vision. Whatever your project requires, our team of strategists, creatives, and technology specialists is always ready to contribute. We understand the value of connecting with talented individuals.

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Founder of 3Particle

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latest update

July 2024

Malaysia Digital Status - 3Particle

Excited to announce that we have been granted Malaysia Digital Status! This recognition helps us access amazing incentives and resources to boost our digital growth and innovation. Thank you for your support as we embark on this exciting new journey!

June 2024

A fresh new look for our iconic logo

This new logo is a reflection of our core values, It embodies our commitment to innovation while staying true to the values that define us. To maintain consistency with our original logo while propelling our brand forward, we needed a new identity that truly represents 3PARTICLE and our values.

January 2023

Partnership with TNB-ILSAS on the initiative of providing new technology for Malaysia

Established partnership with TNB-ILSAS for, Event Design & Management, Audio Visual Lighting and Broadcast Rental & Solution, Content Creation, XR & Virtual Production Studio Rental, XR Stage & Studio Design and Built - Education/Training, Consultancy & Solution providers.

December 2022

3Particle & APU sign MoU for broader cooperation related to XR, AR and VR in Virtual Production

Two of Malaysia’s prominent digital tech leaders, 3Particle Solution Sdn. Bhd. and Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), held an agreement signing ceremony to celebrate their joint partnership in talent development programmes related to extended reality (XR), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) in Virtual Production, and will further collaborate and develop XR Virtual Production facilities within APU campus.

October 2022

WAFF 2022 – The trendsetting XR fashion festival and MOU with FCUC

WAFF 2022 is a joint production by the fashion marketing and graphic design students of First City UC. With the tagline "Your Extended Reality (XR) Fashion Experience”, WAFF 2022 sets to create excitement among fashion marketing and retail enthusiasts, and fashionistas in the fashion circle.

August 2022

Unreal Engine - Disguise : Virtual Production Summit by Epic Games

Livecast mixed-reality demonstrations from leading studios AUX Media Group in Singapore, 3Particle and Disguise in Malaysia, and V2 Indonesia, as they discuss what’s next for regional content creation.

May 2021

Launching & Opening of xR Stage Malaysia Studio - the FIRST in Malaysia

3Particle brings Extended Reality (xR) and Virtual Production for the FIRST time to Malaysia with the studio facilities powered by disguise.


Announces Decision To Maintain Independence Following Temporary Halt In Merger And Acquisition Negotiations With Solid Water Sdn Bhd

3Particle values transparency and timely communication and had hoped to resume negotiations with to finalize the M&A agreement with greater clarity and confidence. However, with the absence of a substantive response from SolidWater, 3Particle has made the decision to continue operating as an independent entity. Asserts No Affiliation with Symunity Group (Japan) and Its Affiliated Companies.

Termination of Agreement with Giochi Academy

Cease all collaboration with Giochi Academy (Managed by Giochi Technologies Sdn Bhd). As the collaboration and working behaviour does not aligned with our core value hold by 3Particle since it’s founded, therefore Nini Tan (Ms. Wang) and Benny Chong are no longer have any relationship with our company anymore and we do not hold any responsibility for their behaviour and actions. We reserve our rights by all means. And both of them are prohibited to enter all the company premises.

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