A Little About Us

3Particle Solution Sdn Bhd, established in Malaysia in 2013, boasts a diverse portfolio, serving a multitude of industries in Asia with comprehensive solutions. Our mission is to consistently astonish and amaze, ensuring utmost satisfaction for all our clients. We are dedicated to leaving a lasting impact through immersive experiences and cherished memories. With an unwavering commitment to achieving the highest standards, our company is on a trajectory to becoming a more structured and professionally-recognized entity in the industry.

In our pursuit of excellence, we collaborate closely with international partners, ensuring that our services consistently meet and exceed the highest industry benchmarks. At 3Particle Solution Sdn Bhd, we are not just creating experiences; we are shaping the future of experiences, delivering innovative and cutting-edge solutions that keep our clients at the forefront of their respective fields.

Our Philosophy & Core Value

Our philosophy and core values are deeply rooted in principles that drive our success and define our identity. We believe in the enduring power of hard work, honesty, and unwavering integrity. These values form the bedrock of our company and are upheld by our dynamic teams of friendly professionals. We recognize that it's not just what we do, but how we do it, that truly amazes our clients.

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing an unparalleled experience and innovative solutions, all while maintaining the utmost respect for our clients. We understand that the journey we embark upon is a shared one, and we aim to bring our clients along to explore "The Future’s Experiences" together with us. As we continue to evolve and grow, we remain dedicated to upholding the high standards and potential we've set for ourselves, ensuring that our clients always receive the best that we have to offer.

3Particle as disguise Malaysia XR partner

With our digital experience experts within the team, we are bringing extended reality (xR) to Malaysia for the first time in our new virtual studio powered by disguise.

xR Stage Malaysia will offer businesses and production companies new opportunities to explore the possibilities that xR will bring. From corporate events to advertising and even short film production, the new studio represents Malaysia’s first dedicated xR space - and will have a suitably forward-thinking ethos to match.

Check out disguise official website for more info
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Creative Studio + Rental Provider
• content creation   
• project setup   
• in-house workflow specialist   
• LED mapping specialist   
• pre-production workflows
• rx range rental   
• xR stage facility   
• xR workflows   
• camera tracking integration   
• Unreal Engine workflows
• xR stage design and build

Services - At a Glance

Immersive Media & Metaverse Creative Hub
Empowering brands with cutting-edge XR and virtual production techniques, our creative hub provides immersive digital experiences, enriching customer relationships and maintaining a competitive edge.

  • AR/VR/MR Solution
  • Metaverse Experience Development
  • Digital Application Development
  • Immersive Interactive Media Solutions
  • Dynamic Motion Graphics, VFX, and Videography
  • Creative Content Development
  • xR [Extended Reality] & Virtual Production
  • ICVFX & Virtual Production
Events Activation Amplified
Fostering unforgettable and enduring experiences and engagement for brands and businesses.

  • Annual Meetings and Conferences.
  • Award, Gala and Fundraising Events.
  • Product Launches and Roadshows.
  • Show Production and Theatrical Stage & Set Design
  • Seminars & Training and educational events.
  • Tournaments
  • E-Sports
Exhibitions Integration
Uniting brand identity, people, products, media, and architecture to create compelling and alluring experiences.

  • Tradeshows & exhibits
Sensory Synergy: Audio and Visual Experiences
We offers an immersive blend of audio and visual experiences, creating unforgettable moments for all your senses. Crafting and delivering top-tier experiences that seamlessly integrate custom audio, video, live-streaming, and lighting for both live events and permanent installations.

  • Live Event Production
  • Permanent Installations
  • Media Broadcasting
  • Virtual Event Solutions
Immersive Tech Academy: Cultivating Excellence
Elevate your skills in immersive tech at our academy and unlock boundless opportunities in the digital frontier.

  • Unreal Engine in Virtual Production